Wireless Managed Services

Wireless connectivity has quickly become a utility than a novelty as in years past. Small Businesses, Large Enterprises, Public Venues, and even Educational Institutes are looking at wireless much like they do electricity and plumbing.

3-dB Networks has been at the fore front of wireless technologies since 2000. We have 15 years experience and knowledge in the wireless industry. We are happy to provide wireless connectivity as a service. Gone are the days of having to choose a manufacturer, then attempt to integrate the product, then have to deal with multiple vendors when it does not work.

Here are some advantages of 3-dB Networks Wireless Managed Services:

36 Month Hardware Cycle
802.11n came to us officially in 2010, and now 802.11ac is upon us, and it is now Wave 2 802.11ac. And the next standards are already being developed. No longer do you have to keep up with the industry to have the latest and greatest.

Upgrade Management
In this day and age, we spend most of our time performing updates or waiting on updates to apply. Only to find out that the update we just applied breaks something critical. You can count on 3-dB Networks to know the updates and their stability. We test everything before we deploy it.

Cost of Downtime
We offer a variety of SLAs to meet your business needs. No longer do you have to lose sleep over whether your system is up and running. We are here to ensure minimal downtime. When things go wrong, you can count on quick resolution with our Wireless Managed Services.

Please give us a call today to discuss having Wireless as a Managed Service. 1-866-878-5988