3-dB Networks offers a wide selection of wireless and networking solutions.  We have been proud resellers of equipment and integrators are various small to large networking projects.  We are here to ensure your success by getting to the right solutions to your needs.

  • Lumber Yard PmP / WiFi

    Lumber Yard PmP / WiFi

    A consulting company found challenges in deploying 100% coverage to a 7 acre lumber yard and its on site warehouses. The National lumber yard was deploying new software...


  • Dual BridgeWave AR80 Links

    Dual BridgeWave AR80 Links

    The cost of burial or aerial fiber proved too much to provide connectivity to new office space the company was expanding into. Two BridgeWave AR80's with AES were...


  • Bridgewave AR80 / Cambium PTP 650

    Bridgewave AR80 / Cambium PTP 650

    The cost of laying burial or aerial fiber was cost prohibitive, so a BridgeWave AR80 with AES was chosen as the primary link at 1 gbps, and a...


  • Dragonwave 1.6 gbps

    Dragonwave 1.6 gbps

    This company was starting up mine site that had been decommissioned since the 1990's. The cost of laying burial fiber was in the millions, so two DragonWave Quantum...