3-dB Networks was formed from the spin off the integration and consulting business of Mesa Networks in 2008. Mesa was founded in 2000 and grew to become one of the largest Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) in the United States at the time, operating a network of 130 towers and serving over 7,500 customers. In 2007, Mesa was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the 150 fastest growing U.S. small businesses.

Over the years, many service providers have leveraged our experience building and operating a large, successful wireless Internet service provider to help them start, grow and adapt their wireless Internet business. 3-dB has and continues to help service providers with operations and financial planning, technology choices, network design and implementation, and equipment sourcing.

We offer RF Design, Equipment Design, Consulting, Equipment Sales, and Technical Support to your business needs.  We are here 24 x 7, because we know there is no rest in running a successful WISP.

Please contact us today if you are an existing WISP looking to grow, or even just have a question about a product on the market. Or if you are looking to start a WISP. We are here to help.

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