Professional Services

Professional Services

3-dB Networks provides unparalleled professional services to its clients. We understand that today’s environment of increased mobility, multiple device types, cloud computing, and ever-changing software applications is making networks more complex to manage, support, and secure. And while the pace of technology change just keeps getting faster, IT staff budgets are generally not growing. To support our clients we provide solutions that are:

Quickly and Easily Deployed
Accessible Anytime and Anywhere
Easy To Use

Additionally, 3-dB can manage and support the communications network on your behalf as an extension of your staff. This allows your in-house IT staff to focus on the applications that provide the most benefit to their operations while gaining 3-dB’s proprietary tools and the expertise of staff devoted to network communications. These services include:

Network Monitoring
Network Utilization
Network Availability
Network Performance
Client Connectivity
Security Threats
Configuration Management and Backup
Software/Firmware Management and Updates

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