We know that the best network design in the world is just a dream without proper installation and implementation processes. Our implementation process provides a turn-key solution that mitigates the inherent challenges for bringing a new network online and integrating that network with your existing networks and systems. 3-dB’s extensive process includes:

Project Management

One of the most important components of a successful network implementation that is often overlooked is project management. Effective project management is the key to maximizing the probability that a project will be completed on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to existing operations. The 3-dB project manager coordinates the delivery of equipment from the manufacturer with the schedules of the 3-dB project engineer(s), the installation crew and the customer IT and site staff. The project manager also works to ensure that the 3-dB implementation team has all of the information required for a successful implementation in advance of the start of the install. It is inevitable that unexpected issues or changes will arise from time to time on some projects. It is the responsibility of the project manager to manage the change process to minimize the impact of the problems or changes.

Physical Installation

A clean, professional installation not only looks good and reflects well on the organization, it can significantly lower the total cost of ownership of the network by reducing the likelihood of outages due to physical problems, dramatically reducing the time to troubleshoot problems and minimizing the time involved in making additions and changes. Components of a quality installation include proper mounting of hardware with room to work, cables run in a consistent and organized manner, and all cables (including power cords) neatly labeled at both ends.

The other component of a proper installation is the use of high quality materials. Mounting hardware, cables, and connectors are a relatively small portion of the overall network cost, but can have a significant impact on network reliability if low quality products are used.

The quality of the materials and installation is extremely important for outdoor installations. All cables and connectors should be properly shielded, conduit should be used in many instances, and proper surge suppression and grounding along with adequate weatherproofing are critical to the long term reliability and durability of the installation.

Configuration and Integration

The next component of the implementation process is the configuration of the equipment for integration with the existing systems, appropriate network security, and optimized performance in the given environment.


3-dB’s commisioning process consists of an installation checklist ensuring that no step in the process was skipped, an end to end test ensuring proper integration with the existing systems, as well as performance testing to verify that performance matches what is expected from the design.


Upon completion of the implementation process, 3-dB provides overview training on the operation of the network along with documentation of the system. The documentation includes a network diagram, pictures of the components as installed, and a list of key information such as serial numbers, network addresses, and management login credentials.

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