a few words about us

img53-dB Networks A Company with over 15 years experience in wireless.

In 2000, Mesa Networks was founded by Todd Bergstrom and Bill Fowler. Todd, Bill and their team built one of the largest wireless networks in North America. The network consisted of 130 towers which covered 4,500 square miles and provided service to over 7,500 customer locations.

In 2008, Todd and Bill along with David Kennedy, Keith Bergstrom and the Mesa Network team launched 3-dB Networks through the acquisition of Mesa’s network integration operations to utilize their extensive experience to help companies start, build, and maintain their own wireless infrastructure.

As a customer driven company, the focus is to provide creative solutions paired with unparalleled technical and customer support. Today, that focus has led to hundreds of clients who repeatedly turn to 3-dB for their communications solutions.

what we offer

Customer Focus and Priority.

The Customer is 3-dB Network’s primary focus. We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction in every aspect of the job. We will provide the best solution at the best price with no short cuts. We are vendor neutral and will find the right solution for your needs.

Professionalism and Safety

Anyone doing business with 3-db Networks will come to expect the up most professionalism. 3-dB Networks will operate in the safest manor and will exceed your safety requirements.


3-dB Networks will never substitute or sacrifice quality in providing products and services to any of its customers, and will continually seek out the best in terms of industry products, procedures and solutions.

our team

  • Todd Bergstrom

    Todd Bergstrom has over 25 years of experience in the data networking industry. He was employed by…

  • Keith Bergstrom

    Keith Bergstrom began his wireless career 12 years ago with Mesa Networks and helped to co-found 3-dB…

  • Gary Hanson

    Gary Hanson has 38+ years experience in sales and customer service.  He currently is one of the…

  • Nicole Jaderborg

    Nicole has 10+ years’ experience in customer service and logistics, most recently as the Logistics Manager and…

  • Mike Schoeck

    Mike Schoeck has 5+ years experience working in the WISP industry. He has worked in support and…

  • Derrick Hoffman

    Derrick Hoffman has over 20+ years of experience in networking and project management. His career has covered…