"BYOD" or "bring your own device" has become a mainstay in business and education. Coming to the fore front in 2013, statistics say that 75% of all workers now bring a personal device to work and use it while at work. This adds pressure to IT Professionals to secure their company infrastructure.

3-dB Networks are experts at deploying in a BYOD environment. No longer do you have to stay awake at night wondering what is on your network. We will work with you to deploy a wireless environment that is secure, and capable of working with all manufacturers. We minimize the support calls you will get when someone brings in a device and tries to connect to your infrastructure.

3-dB Networks is vendor neutral, and we can work with all NAC manufacturers, and wireless vendors. We specialize in integrating wireless into a secure, reliable, BYOD environment.

If you are in need of a hardware refresh, and are looking for that next generation of wireless infrastructure that can provide you with BYOD, we do that too. Feel free to contact our sale team to discuss what is available for your needs.